General terms and Conditions

The following terms apply exclusively to the contractual relationship between OneVision Holding, Hohestrasse 129, CH-4104 Oberwil (hereafter called „OVH“) and the contracting party (hereafter called „partner“). Any conflicting business conditions of the partner do not apply, even if the OneVision Holding does not expressly contradict these.

The contract comes into force if the OneVision Holding accepts the application of the partner within the framework of an online registration, configuration of an account and set up of a partner site, registering them under an own partner address. The contract constitutes no obligations for the partners to work for the OneVision Holding. There will neither be an employment relationship, nor a representative relationship between the two parties.

Insofar as the partner gives recommendations for AdpackPro (online marketing platform for companies), this recommendation is only of secondary importance in relation to other business activities.

The partner is not entitled to issue or receive legally binding confirmation in the name of OneVision Holding. The partner is also not entitled to issue or receive legally binding confirmation for invoices of OneVision Holding. The partner is not entitled to involve third parties (e.g. family members) for acting means.

Changes to the terms and conditions will be sent to the partner in writing or via email and will come into force one month after notification.

If the OneVision Holding changes the contractual conditions to the detriment of the partners, the partner is allowed to cancel the contract within a month, until the period of four weeks following the month’s end, after receipt of the relevant notification. In this case the previous conditions apply until expiration of the contract.

The right to a commission, billing and payment
According to the following regulations, as well as the compensation arrangements (attachment 1), the partner receives commissions during the term of the contract.

The contract the customer and OneVision Holding is validly concluded if the customer paid for the services, which are the subject matter of the contract and the cancellation period has expired. OneVision Holding hereby reserves the right to reject customers recommended by the partners.

Commission Payment will be executed in net (exclusive turnover tax)

Partners are solely allowed to use the advertising material, banners, advertising texts and classical print-advertising which is made available or released by OneVision Holding.

It is expressly prohibited to use trademarks, brand names, logos or photographic material of other partner companies without prior written permission by the OneVision Holding. This applies to the internet as well as offline advertisement, e.g. classical print advertising of any kind or events.

If the Partner considers including advertisement on his Website, he must ensure that all information transmitted to third parties has to be truthful and correspond to the current proposal of OneVision Holding. Furthermore the Partner is obliged to mark every advertising operation implemented as his own measure. He has to comply with all antitrust regulations.

An infringement of these regulations entitles OneVision Holding to immediately cancel the contract between the parties and the deletion of the account. The partner discharges OneVision Holding from all claims of any third parties that are based on the violation of the obligations mentioned above. More substantial claims of OneVision Holding shall remain unaffected.

After the end of the contract period, for any reason whatsoever, the partners’ right of using the trademark expires. The partner is not allowed to offset any claims against OneVision Holding for brand use, in case of withdrawal or termination of use.

Final declaration
Rights and Obligations from this contract are not transferable without permission of the other party. Modifications and Amendments of the contract are to be made in writing.

If a provision is or becomes completely or in part invalid or loses its legal force, the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain unaffected. Instead of the deleted conditions the legal rules apply.

Place of jurisdiction
All contractual relations shall be governed exclusively by Swiss Law. Sole venue for any disputes arising is Arlesheim/Baselland. By activating your account or reading this you confirm and agree to these terms.